About us

At Specsfair Primarily  all kinds of wearable garments,  Subsidiary we provide the  market with high quality stitched garments such as jackets ,western wear, eastern wear for both genders . We also manufacture and supply all kinds of t-shirts, casual shirts , skirts ,jackets and all kinds of eastern wear.

In 2011 the business underwent a transformation that included the appointment of a new Managing Director and the creation of a purpose-built warehouses and stitching unit facility. The unit  uses state-of-the-art manufacturing that is purchasing of raw material, designing, stitching and make into perfect finishing and packing  together with some of the industry’s most advanced processes and equipment to ensure a consistently high quality service.

In addition to production and manufacturing its own brands,  also supplies leading branded clothing and different types of accessories too – providing a convenient and cost-effective one-stop-shop for customers. We’re one of only a small number of independent manufacturers in Belgium & Pakistan to do this. That’s why Specsfair has grown into the manufacturing industries in apparel supplier of choice for both independent buyers and well-known, high street  stores.

, Specsfair  was founded in 1987,as a subsidiary of Specs Fair Ltd™  inspired by high fashion clothing and international business; its founder fell in love with designer wear products and most particularly with high-end fashion brands. This company soon became a global leader in supplying and exporting multi-brand designer wear apparel such as leather jackets, daywear , casual wear ,formal wear and a kind of both for men and women.

To find out more about Specsfair products our latest collection and variety and best services contact the team today on  +44 7451 239558